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Where to Shift / Focus Your Dental Marketing Budget? (2021 Version)

When it comes to your dental marketing budget, you need to approach it with a plan.  Gone are the days that you could throw out an ad in the local phone book and throw out some flyers.  In today’s market, most dental marketing budgets are going digital.  There are various ways to spend your dental marketing budgets such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Online Advertising such as Google or Bing ads, Map rankings, social media ads and so much more.  Because there is so much out there to choose from for your dental marketing needs, oftentimes the dentist offices get confused and overwhelmed. 

However, there is hope.  Our dental marketing agency assists dental offices with coming up with the proper and affordable marketing game plan.  Typically the budget will be spread over the various dental marketing services that we offer.  However, we would like to go over what these services are.

Create a beautiful website for dental marketing.

You should first start with a great-looking website.  If your website is old or outdated, you should have that improved.  While it does the job, it tells people that you don’t care about your business.  Also, people might see an outdated website and think your techniques are outdated as well.  This should be the first step in starting your marketing campaign.  Be sure that your website is clear on what services you offer and what types of insurance you take.  Have your contact information easy to find and the website is easy to navigate.

Google Ads are a great place to start if you are a new dental office.  However, they are also perfect to pair up with an ongoing SEO campaign.  Google ads are those ads that you see at the top of the search engine.  Typically they are above any of the search engine results and many times even above the map results.  These can get a little expensive to run all the time. However, they work instantly.  You will be getting calls instantly for your dental services.  This is why they are good for startups or when you don’t have your SEO ranking yet.   However, they are great to run during slow times to boost the calls as well.

Search engine optimization for your dental practice.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the marketing for the long haul. This type of dental marketing will take a little more time to get up and running than say ads. However, in the end, it will be more affordable and you will get more clients.  SEO is where we look at your website and optimize it for ranking in the search engines.  This is a very powerful way to get in more dental clients as most people will take to the internet when they are looking for a new dentist.  

Most people use their phones to search, so be sure that your website looks great on both your phone and your computer.  You could also look into social media marketing, which are ads on social media.  This sort of marketing is a bit different than SEO or Google ads.  The people you are putting your business ad in front of were not looking for your services.  This is good for brand awareness.

If you are in the market for some marketing services, Contact Us For A Complimentary Dental Marketing Assessment today.