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Top 4 Ways To Get Dental Patients From Facebook

Facebook has revolutionized the way we do marketing and has had a big impact on products and services for any firm or company that decides to use it. We look at how a dentist based in Australia can use Facebook to market their dental practice.

A dental marketing expert can and it has been done, use Facebook to generate not just a lot of interest in his practice but also actual following and actual patients visiting your practice for one need or another. Here are a few tips to get dental patients on Facebook;

1) Ensure heavy use of pictures and photos

It is said a picture speaketh a thousand words, this is true, visual content has been found to generate more interest when marketing. This is easily done by using photos to either put across an offer a practice is currently running or even a poll where you engage the Facebook users and make them feel a part of your practice.

Dental marketing consultant can post photos of happy patients maybe of before and after, simple thank you notes to your clientele, even an employee of the month caption to generate a lot of interest in your target audience.

2) Check-ins and Likes

Check-ins keep your followers updated on what is currently going in your practice. The more activity being shared, the more likely to get patients knowing and understanding what exactly is up to date at your practice which of course is a plus.

For example, a dental practice in Australia can post activity photos of mobile clinics while in different locations. Likes are also something vital that followers check. It has been found that followers tend to lean more into posts that have a lot of likes and comments.

3) Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are a kind of advertising available on Facebook for businesses with a Facebook page. They are acquired based on either clicks, impressions, or actions. Each Ad is comprised of a headline, an image, a text, and a call to action.

First, the target audience is vital when using Facebook ads, identify a group, an age, gender, and personal interests of your target group and tailor-make your ad to suit the audience you have identified. There are boost campaign ads and paid campaign ads on Facebook a dental marketing expert can use.

A target audience is selected based on whether they are connected to your page, for example, to save and customize an audience use their Facebook user IDs. The use of either of the two campaigns aids your page in getting followers, likes, and impressions much faster and generate a lot of new clients (patients).

4) Video Posts

Video posts are very visual and carry forward your intended message in a fun and entertaining way. Ensure your videos are not too long as the attention span of your followers may be short, simply keep it short and sweet. Many users on Facebook are looking for something captivating therefore your videos should be eye-catching and informative.

About 80% of businesses do their marketing on Facebook which is an inexpensive alternative to promoting your business. It is definitely one of the most popular social media platforms today and you can easily get Dental Patients From Facebook for your practice.

Out of over 70 Million Facebook business pages, still, around 5-6 million businesses are advertising on Facebook so it is not saturated yet but it won’t stay like this very long. More and more businesses are finding out about the power of Facebook marketing every day.

This opportunity can last another few years or maybe even until the next 1 year, then it’s going to get as saturated and expensive as Google AdWords. What happened to SEO and Google AdWords will eventually happen to Facebook as well so don’t fall behind the crowd.


Where your dental practice is concerned, you would often come to the decision that it would be best to get the Facebook marketing work done on your own.

In your opinion, how difficult could it really get? However, the reality is that once you sit down to get the actual work done do you come to realize that there is way more to it than meets the eye.

It demands huge knowledge of every aspect of the Facebook platform, Dental patient psychology, What works among all those Facebook ads options available, and what doesn’t work for the Dental Industry and dental patients.

Not to mention that it demands hundreds of hours learning Facebook marketing best practices for dentistry specifically and having to stay updated with Facebook ever-changing algorithms.

If you think that you’d love to focus on your patients and dentistry only (the thing that you are very good at and let the dental marketing consultant such as Zara Basiri look after your best dental marketing practices, feel free to apply by clicking on the “Apply Now” button below.

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Zara Basiri is a Dental Marketing Consultant and Dental Nurse in Melbourne, Australia.

She Helps Dentists Get A Steady Flow of Quality New Patients By Untapped Digital Marketing Skills And Strategies.

She pursues her love for the dental industry by working part-time as a Dental Nurse as well.

When she is not doing digital marketing for her clients, you can find her making EDM music or shopping for her next unique fashion outfit.

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Zara Basiri

Dental Marketing Consultant/ Dental Nurse


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