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5 Secret Reasons on Why Local SEO For Dentists is A Fundamental

You could say that currently if you are not present on the Internet, you do not exist. And this rule is fulfilled both for those who seek to make themselves known on social networks, and for small and medium-sized companies that seek to reach a greater number of followers and therefore, clients for their business. Online search tools are increasingly demanded by large companies around the world, regardless of the field in which they move: technology, fashion, law, health, cars, etc.

Of course, clinics and professional dentists are not an exception to this need, being more and more common that dentistry professionals seek advice to improve the SEO positioning of their clinic’s website. There are even some clinics that have only managed to survive and overcome the competition thanks to a good online marketing strategy, which confirms that the need to have a good presence on the Internet is real and that every dentist in the world should have at least one website that works through an effective dental SEO strategy.

If you have a dental clinic and you want your ability to attract the public to your site to increase quickly, the first thing you should do is find a good SEO agent to optimize all your content and redirect it in a smart and effective way so that your clinic always appears at the top of Google’s search results. Don’t know how to do it? Never heard of dentists SEO before? Don’t worry because we will help you solve all your doubts about it.

Want to know all the tricks about the local SEO for dentists?

Read on!

Best tips to SEO for dentists

Check out some of the best tips for dentists SEO.

#1: Optimizing your website will make the difference

One of the most important aspects in the creation of our dental website is its optimization, that is, how we manage our content, the panels we will use to guide customers through the different services we offer, the font we use and even the colors with which we will dress our website and give it its own personality.

A good or a bad optimization can make the difference between having a successful website and a real failure, so it is very important that before we start to put contents in a crazy way all over the website, we think carefully about how the user is going to feel while surfing through them and how we could make their navigation easier, faster and more intuitive.

Your dental patients should be able to move through your website quickly and with just a couple of clicks they can find what they are looking for. The harder your website is or the slower it loads, the faster the user will leave and the less online traffic you will end up generating. So you will have to invest a lot of your time and possibly also your money in getting a professional, nice and fast dental website. Remember that.

#2: Use keywords wisely

Keywords Research

Nowadays everybody knows the term keyword, as it would be the synonym of the social network hashtag that SEO experts use to make web pages attract a more specific audience. These terms are essential for a website to attract the audience that interests it most in an efficient and quick way, since users use them to find what they are looking for and eliminate the rest of possible results. Therefore, if our website does not have any keyword from the dental world among its contents, it will be very difficult for anyone to find it quickly.

How to find out what kind of keywords we should use in our website? Very simple, first by carrying out an in-depth investigation of the keywords that are currently recording the highest volume of traffic on Google. Of course, there are other search engines that also work through classic SEO strategies, but Google is the main precursor of this measure, so if you don’t appear in Google you will hardly appear anywhere.

Play with the short-tail and long-tail keywords

It is important that we distinguish between the two main types of keywords that currently exist: long-tail and short-tail keywords.

How do they differ and how should I use them?

A letter-tail keyword would be: dentist. While a long tail keyword would be: best local dentist in Madrid. The difference between the two is quite clear, because while one only uses one word to generate traffic and try to attract more people, the other seeks to expand the range of search by entering additional information such as the place where the clinic is located.

In short, our main mission will be to fill our website with these two types of information in an intelligent way so that those who are looking for a dental clinic near us can easily find us before others.

#3: Sign up for Google My Business

Sign up for Google My Business

If you have a dental clinic and you want your website to be at the top of the online search engines, it is strictly necessary that you are registered as a professional on the Google My Business platform. This task is really easy to carry out and will provide you with multiple SEO tools that will not only make your clinic appear among the first ones on the internet, but also give it a better reputation and image by being part of an official Google company.

The client is intelligent and there is nothing more useful to generate a good impression than having a good reference like Google that supports us and pushes us towards success against our main competitors. So don’t hesitate to sign up!

#4: Locate your website

Locating your website, as the word indicates, is filling it with relevant data that make you stand out from the rest of the competitors in the sector and that differentiate you, for example:

  • Name of the company
  • Physical location of the clinic
  • Opening hours and operations
  • Phone numbers and emails
  • Social Networks
  • Your data as a doctor and your associates

All this information will locate your clinic on the internet and give it much more presence and importance, about whether you want to attract a new audience nearby that has never heard of you and needs to have enough reference information to give them confidence. If, for example, you have a large dental clinic with several locations distributed in different cities, it would also be useful to provide the details of those locations in full, so that your call to the public is much more extensive and professional.

#5: Reviews

A very useful and simple way to grow online and climb the Google rankings is to have good and abundant reviews on your website. The more reviews you have, as long as they are positive of course, the more visibility you will have and the better reputation you will have with potential new customers who are looking for a good dental clinic in your area.

How to get reviews? Very simple, the first thing you will have to do is create a section on your website to do so and make sure it is easy to reach and use. Secondly, you should inform all your patients that it exists and invite them to leave their review on it to help you grow. A very popular resource is to offer customers a tablet of our company where we already have the website loaded in the section of opinions and invite them to leave their score.

We all like to leave reviews, it’s quick and rewarding, so don’t hesitate to put this resource into practice and you’ll see how your business starts to grow on the internet at the speed of light!