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Dental Patient Reactivation System For Inactive Patients

Back in the days when social media and the internet didn’t have such hype, the inactive dental patients were smoothly replaced by the new ones. But our marketing team in Australia is keenly aware that dental patient retention and reactivation is much more difficult now that those patients have a number of options to choose from.

And the worst part is:

Dentists have a tough competition out there on the internet where every other dentist is busy marketing their services and grabbing the attention of new patients. So it has become a necessity to go for a dental patient reactivation system properly.

With that being said, you have to keep looking for the patients that have been inactive for a year or half and send them a reactivation letter. After all, you want your business to be running.

So down below, our experts in Melbourne, Australia offer a strategy for dental patient retention and reactivation. We will discuss how you can you get in touch with your inactive, long-lost patients, and convince them to come back to your practice. Let’s begin:

Steps To Follow In Order To Get Back Your Inactive Patients

While you are busy catching new clients for your dental practice, little that you realize is you have lost a number of active patients that once used to be your potential clients. 

So how to deal with that?

There is so much competition going on in the market that you have to do something extra to keep as much of your clients stick to you as possible.


In case you are facing such a situation where you have realized that many of your clients have walked out, you better start to work at reactivation of them. Follow these steps and learn how it works:

Make A List Of The Inactive Patients

First and foremost, you have to make a list of all of the patients that need to be reactivated with your dental practices. Surf through your database and find out all the patients that haven’t shown up for a year or two. Include all of them in a list and mark their absence period.

Further, to make your task even easier, you better divide all of them into subcategories. For instance, the patients that have made appointments but didn’t show up must be included in a separate list.

Other than that, the patients who’ve been completely wiped out from the scene needs to be included in another list, so that you know how to deal with each of them.

Offer Them A Bonus

Everybody is interested in having something extra and that too for free. So in order to pursue dental patient reactivation in the right direction, you gotta make sure that you offer an incentive to them so that they might get interested in coming back.

Have A Sophisticated Call-time With Every Patient

If you really want to convince your inactive clients to show up again to your clinic, then you better take out some time and make phone calls to each of them. If that’s not possible, then you can give all of them a scripted phone call where you can tell them how crucial your oral health is.

Go For The Alternative As Well

In case your patients haven’t answered your phone calls, then you should contact them via emailsSMS, or letters. When you show up in the mailboxes of your long-lost clients out of nowhere, chances are that they might show some interest.

And that’s all you can do to have your dental patients reactivated. After doing all of that, if still some of your patients do not respond, then they surely have replaced you with any other dentist.  

Consult Us For Good Results!

And here comes the conclusion. Dental patient reactivation is a real task that not everyone can carry on with it. Having said that, you have to have better communication skills as well in order to convince your inactive patients to come back to your place.

So this all adds up to the basics of reactivating the inactive patients in dentistry.

Whether you’re in the US, UK, Canada, or Australia, you can consult our experts for dental patient retention and reactivation strategies anytime. Our services are meant to help you grab your long-lost patients with ease. Put your trust in us and we won’t be disappointing you anytime soon.