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How To Evaluate Your Dental Office Rankings in Search Results? (Plus Recommended Tools)

When you are looking at how your SEO is doing, quite often you need to look at the dental office rankings, but how?  Many dental offices don’t understand how to track their dental office rankings, another words their dental SEO status.  We are hoping after this blog, you will have an idea that is both affordable and easy to understand.  

Sometimes, you simply need to take to the internet and do some searches on your own. If you have certain keywords that you are looking for, then you could go incognito on your browser and do a simple search yourself and see if you can find your listing.  This can be really beneficial to understanding where you are in the search engines as well as the maps. You want to be top on the maps whenever possible.  This is the area that will take up the majority of a mobile screen.  Many people are using mobile devices these days to do their searches. Because of this, that real estate is important more than ever.  

Check your traffic flow for your dental office.

Another way you can see if your dental office rankings are working for you is by checking your Google analytics. This needs to be set up with your website for it to read it properly.  However, once set up, you can see the flow of traffic, how many visits you get each month, and comparison over time.  This gives you a good idea if your dental office rankings are working for you.  You can rank well, but if it doesn’t bring you more traffic and patients, then you have a problem.  That’s why it is important to keep an eye on the traffic going into your site.  Google Analytics will track that for you, free of charge.

If you seem to be having a good flow of traffic but you are not getting more calls then it is time to look at the website.  Your website might seem easy for you but maybe people are having a tough time finding your phone number or other valuable information.  There are plugins that can be put onto the site to track this sort of behavior.  They put what they call a heat map on the site so that you can watch as people come to visit and see where they are clicking.  Be sure that you have your contact information above the fold, which means, above where they have to start scrolling on your screen.  Also, test your website and be sure that it is, in fact, mobile-friendly.  Meaning that it will look good on just about any size screen. 

Follow your dental office rankings with a free tool.

Another free tool that you can use to track your dental office rankings is SERP Robot.  While SEO agencies have many powerful tools, sometimes they are very complex to use.  However, SERP robot is pretty straightforward and easy to understand for most people.  This is also a free tool.  While many of the more complex tools will analyze what you need to do to get your site ranking better, this one simply tracks the progress of your dental office rankings.If you are looking for better dental rankings, be sure to Contact Us For A Complementary Dental Marketing Assessment.