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How Much Per Month Investing in Dental SEO is Reasonable in 2021?

Investing in your dental SEO is important in your marketing efforts for 2021.  However, you have no idea how to tell if you are getting the most out of your SEO and if you have the budget to start.  While there are different approaches to determining this number, you should come up with a budget before speaking to a marketing expert.  This will allow someone like us to come up with a game plan that will fit inside your budget.  As your dental marketing budget should include dental SEO.  However, you are not going to get new patients right off the bat with this sort of dental marketing.  Dental SEO, like any SEO, takes time.  If you have never done a dental SEO campaign, ask!  We are happy to assist you in understanding what that even means, should you have some confusion.

Crunching the numbers to get an idea of the cost

You should start at your numbers.  How many new patients are you looking to bring in?  While some will say as many as possible, others look at this in a more realistic approach.  Start off with an achievable number such as 10 new dental patients per month.  When that goal is reached, double it.  This will give you achievable goals with your marketing efforts.  Take the number of patients you are looking to bring in and on average what you would make from those patients as a profit.  This will tell you how much additional revenue, in theory, that your dental SEO and marketing efforts will bring in.  

Once you have that number, you should expect to pay about 10% to 15% of that.  While some marketing agencies charge more and some charge less, this is a good ballpark.  Your market also has something to do with this as well.  If you are in a rural area with little competition, then that number might be less.  However, if you are in the middle of Houston, you might be looking at a little bit more.  But, this is a good way for a dental office to determine what they should spend on their dental SEO.  

Marketing for Dentists

While that is a good number to spend on your dental SEO, you may need to pair that up with other marketing efforts, until your SEO takes off.  Dental SEO does take some time to get rolling, which is why we offer other marketing services as well.  

Let us know your budget upfront.  This allows us to come up with an affordable game plan for you.  We handle all aspects of digital marketing for our dental clients in all English-speaking countries such as the US, Australia, and the UK.  Our marketing efforts are solely based on the dental marketing needs of dentists.  Let our expertise in the dental market work for you to get you more patients through your door.  Call today and let’s get started on your dental SEO and other marketing campaigns.

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