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Dental PPC Marketing (Google Ads)

ZARA BASIRI / Dental PPC Marketing (Google Ads)

Dental Ppc Marketing: How To Target Masses

Marketing strategies like PPC (pay-per-click advertising) can help you leave your competition far behind. That’s right! Our marketing team creates Google ads for dentists in Australia and beyond that give them the opportunity to book more than half of the patients that click on their ads.

Having said that, PPC marketing allows you to advertise your dental practices by paying for your dental advertisement to show up in the SERPs. So basically you have to pay a certain amount of money, to reach out to the new patients.

Turns out that dentistry is one of the most competitive professions, where you have got to work hard to stand out. There are several strategies, which will walk you through this process, and one of them is dental PPC marketing.

On that note, let’s get down to business and explore some more about this thing called dental PPC:

What Is PPC?

PPC stands for ‘Pay-Per-Click’. It is basically a form of internet advertising that allows different companies to place their ads on mainstream search engines. Besides, the ads can also be placed anywhere else, for instance, on partner networks.

Adding to this, the company placing ad has to pay a certain amount of money, whenever someone clicks on that ad. So this is kind of an investment that is to be made in order to pursue the dental PPC marketing idea.


Every time we search for something, we see a number of advertisements popping up at the top, even before the actual results. This is PPC and it is essentially the major tool to attract a new audience to your site (or new patients to your clinic).

Want To Know How It Works?

There you go:

Dental PPC Marketing Tips: Guide To Advertise Your Skills

To utilize the PPC marketing strategy successfully, you have to make your ads the most relevant to the particular research. Unlike Dental SEO Marketing it is much faster than that, as it covers the whole above section.

Now you might be wondering whether this thing works out or not. So let me tell you straightforward that it actually does work! 

Want To Know A Secret?

About 70% of Google’s annual revenue in 2017 came from advertising. So now it is clear that people actually check out the advertisements.

With that being said, we will be discussing that how can you make the most catchy ad to attract the targeted audience. So without further ado, let’s get straight into it:

1. Watch Out For The Keywords:

First and foremost, you gotta learn what type of PPC keywords people are typing in the search engines. That really helps in making the most relevant and specific ad for your dental services. 

For instance, people generally go for the simplest thing. Most of the time, they just simply type, ‘ dentist in my area’, or ‘ dentist near me’. That is very much specific by the way.

No Doubt About It!

Apart from this, the most commonly used keyword is the one with the location. Or else, people also search for services related to dentistry. So it turns out that you’ve got to add call-to-action type keywords in your advertisement in order to trigger the higher click-through rates.

2. Set Your Target Audience (Patients):

It is important to figure out first that for whom you are marketing your dental PPC. As we all know that PPC is not done free, and you have got to spend your money on that. So you better not blindly waste your money by not even knowing your audience.

Makes Sense, Right?

So to be very precise, you must target your local audience. Because there is no point in going general in this regard when nobody drives 20 miles or so, just to see a dentist.

3. Get To The Norms:

We all know that how much are these cell phones have become common and to what extent people use it for every other purpose. As a matter of fact, many business owners are now busy optimizing their digital content in a way that fits the mobile screens perfectly.

So, in the case of dental PPC marketing, you also need to make sure that your advertisement is compatible and accessible through the smartphones’ screens.


And You Are Good To Go!

We Are Here For You!

This was all about the explanation of the dental PPC marketing strategy. In the end, I would say that dentistry is a real competition when you go online to seek new patients. So you gotta be smart enough to tackle this competition. Our experts can help you do that with custom Google ads and PPC management for dentists, whether they’re in Australia, the US, UK, or Canada!

Still confused about where to start and how to get those complex PPC ads running? Contact us by simply clicking on the “Book A Consultation” button below and choose a suitable date and time to speak to Zara or one of her digital marketing expert staff in Australia to see how Google ads for dentists can help your practice boost online visibility and dominate the market, no matter where you are! 

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