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10 Critical Features for Dental Website Design

If your business is not on the internet, you are out of business.

You heard it. Nothing different for the dental clinic you own.

Give some time and think with the perspective of a dental patient. A person looking for gum surgery, crowns and caps, or tooth filling, where will he start if he were living in the 21st century?

Will he be going from one clinic to the other himself to decide where to get the service from?

No. He will be visiting dental clinic websites!

10 Critical Elements of Dental Website Design

This will be your first chance to bag your client. Facilitate your client throughout his experience with your dental website. Provide him what he is looking for in the following ways.

Discover 10 Critical Features That Every Dental Website Design Should Have for Maximum Number of New Patients

#1: Optimize your Dental Website for each Service/Treatment

Whenever the need for a dental service or procedure arises, a person searches for that service on Google. Now, this is time to ace this chance!

Your website should have separate pages for each service, procedure, or treatment you provide. So that when a patient puts any of those services on Google, your website appears in the search results. Because if it doesn’t, what’s the whole point then?

On-page optimization for maximum online visibility should be your top goal.

#2: Straightforward Differentiators

Now that your website has bagged a click, it’s time for lead generation i.e., converting your website visitor into a dental patient. And the process starts the moment he lands on your website.

The moment your client lands on your website homepage, he should be looking at what differentiates you from others in town. Listicles and facts and figures are the most effective.

Your client should be slowly told about why he should choose you over others.

Look for what a dental patient is looking for. For example, sedation dentistry. Tell them you offer sedation dentistry, where many others do not. Or 0 % financing options. Or early morning dentist appointments.

#3: Sample Work Pictures

Your sample work galleries are going to do wonders. Create a gallery or collection of photos that feature your real-time patients’ before and after the treatment snaps. Don’t forget to take their consent in writing.

This will make you more authentic. Remember the goal of your dental website is to win the trust of your visitor and turn him into your new dental patient. And the sample work gallery will do 50 % of this job.

#4: Mobile-Friendly Website

Mobile-Friendly Website

If your website is not responsive on mobile or mobile-friendly, you missing out on half of your clients.

 The importance of a mobile-friendly cannot be overrated. Because:

  1. There are more chances of a responsive website to be shared on other social media platforms
  2. Google ranks responsive websites higher in search results
  3. 57 % of web traffic and online orders come from smartphones.

Every feature of your website is effective only when it is compatible with smartphones. Because People are checking you out on smartphones!

#5: Online Booking’ Feature

Integrate an online booking system or feature with your dental website. This way you don’t give your potential client the time to change his mind. The Online booking feature is one of the most potent methods of lead generation.

Why bother manpower when a software can do the job. You provide convenience to your customer as well as your staff. Besides, you get to bag orders 24/7.

#6: Get your CTAs right

Compelling and strong CTAs (Calls to action) has become a key feature of website marketing. A CTA is a button on a website that is the final step toward lead generation.

A killer call-to-action must feature:

  • A command verb such as “Book your appointment now!”
  • A convincing reason why should the client go for the desired action
  • The FOMO tactic such as limited time discount offer
  • Words and expressions that provoke the user to take the desired action
  • Compatibility with mobile phone
  • colors that make your CTA stand out

Now for a dental website “Book an Appointment Now!’ is one that works for online scheduling. There must be a “Call Now” CTA as well with a valid phone number. And it should be responsive to smartphone users.

CTAs are also suggested for “Ask a Question” and “Dental Emergency Phone Call’ as well.

#7: A Contact Page

Contact us

Your website should be compartmentalized. It should have a contact page with all the details and information about you and the facility. Your contact number, email address, location of your clinic, etc. In addition to that, it should contain a small form for new patients. It is more suggested to use strong calls-to-action.

One thing is very important: the new patient’s form should only require the necessary details. The longer it takes to fill the form, the chances of your visitor to bounce increase.

#8: Share your real-time self

Your competitors must be showcasing stock photos with edited smiling people. Guess what works even better? Photos of your facility with your staff.

This works wonders in winning the trust of the visitor.

#9: Share your Credits, Certifications, and Associations

Introduce yourself with your education, work experience, certifications and awards, and associations. Share the bios of the dentists in your facility, in the same way. Associations with medical and Dental boards and councils are even more important.

This adds immense credibility and trust to your service.

#10: Reviews and Testimonials

Have you ever trusted a food place without reviews? How can a person put his oral health on stakes without looking for reviews? This holds you back, even more, when your competitors are showcasing their patients’ convincing reviews.

Reviews and testimonials about your facility may be available on other sites, but don’t depend on the visitor to go and visit the site. Rather, prominently display the ratings and reviews on your website to make the difference.

Summing Up!

Hope this article helps you with your website marketing. Consider the above-mentioned ways and tips to boost your business. Because if you do not, it’s a great advantage for your competitors!